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Ringholm's training courses are henceforward (as of January 1, 2023) offered by Firely.

Firely is deeply involved in the FHIR standardization effort, and its products are used in a large number of projects. This allows them to focus their training courses on skills required in real world projects. See Firely for their training offerings. Firely uses the same training materials as used in the courses previously offered by Ringholm.

This website will continue to be available, as a reference for those who wish to use one of the published whitepapers or blog posts.

Blogpost: HL7 Version 3 Tooling

We'll have a look at the last known working installation of the HL7 version 3 toolstack. How does it compare to the current FHIR tooling ?
Details ... [read more]

Firely advertisement training courses

Enhance your knowledge: Whitepapers

The whitepapers below are related to the topic of message-based systems integration in a European healthcare setting. Our list of whitepapers contains links to all whitepapers and a short description of their content. This is a multilingual site, some of the material may not be available in English.
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